Students’ Unions began representing students at Memorial (then, Memorial College).

Premier Smallwood announces free tuition for students who are residents of the province.


Student’s successfully occupy the Administration Building for 10 days after administration withholds MUNSU fees. Fees are returned.

Students shut down Prince Phillip Drive after a student is fatally struck by a vehicle, leading to the construction of Memorial’s first pedways.


MUNSU joins the Canadian Federation of Students as Local 35.

Premier Brian Tobin freezes tuition fees, stating “Students made it impossible for me not to freeze tuition fees.”


With sustained student pressure, tuition fees are reduced by 25% over three years as government funding starts to rise.

Students win tuition fee freeze when the new PC government was talking about increasing fees after campaigning on freezing them.


Provincial grants program is partially reinstated following province-wide actions. Provincial public health coverage (MCP) extended to international students.

Student action stops the University’s plan to increase international students’ tuition fees by 10%. The first national system of needs-based grants is established.


Students presents petition with over 13,000 signatures and interest charges are eliminated on provincial student loans. Government funding continues to rise as fees are frozen.

MUNSU is successful in getting MUN to sign a Mental Health Rights Declaration which would lead the way to a full-week reading break.


Provincial student loans are eliminated and grants are fully restored.

The provincial government cuts millions of dollars from Memorial. MUN passes these cuts on to students as fees increase for student housing, the Faculty of Medicine, graduate and international undergrad students.


A brutal provincial budget reduces the needs-based grants program and cuts millions from Memorial. Students join with labour and community organizations in forming Common Front NL to fight back against austerity measures.


Government continues to cut MUN’s operating budget. Despite students’ pleas, MUN downloads these budget cuts to students, introducing new student fees, and increased tuition fees for future out-of-province and international students by a whopping 30%.


MUNSU celebrates 50 years uniting students, and mobilized to fight back against austerity budgets and rising tuition fees.